1. Call the relevant Lakers coordinator regarding a spot on a team
  2. Go to Join/Register page & fill in the new player online registration form
  3. Pay the fees
  4. A few weeks before the season starts you will be contacted by your coach & advised of your team number, training day & time
  5. Attend the uniform night/afternoon or registration session to arrange a uniform. If you can’t make it you can contact our uniform coordinator & arrange a time to collect a uniform
  6. At your first game fill in a KMDBA registration form & register with the Association at a stadium (cost is $2.20)
  7. Enjoy the season!
  1. Call the relevant Lakers coordinator regarding a spot on a team (they will need to know the club, age group and grade your child last played in)
  2. The coordinator will need to check these details and ensure the transfer is legal. If all is okay, the club will lodge a transfer. Once this is done, the player cannot change their mind.
  3. Go to Join/Register page and complete the new player process
  4. A few weeks before the season starts you will be contacted by your coach & advised of your team number, training day & time
  5. Attend the uniform night/afternoon or registration session to arrange a uniform. If you can’t make it you can contact our uniform coordinator & arrange a time to collect a uniform
  6. Enjoy the season!

MLBC Lakers are part of the domestic league for Kilsyth Basketball Association; games are played at Kilsyth, Lilydale and Oxley Stadiums. Boys play on Saturday. Girls play Tuesday and Wednesday nights, depending on age. Contact the coordinators for more information

There is a special program that has been devised for U7 year olds called Miniball, all the children in this program are aged from 5 years old. The boys and girls use a size 5 ball as it is lighter for them to throw, bounce and shoot with. The rings are left at the standard height, it is an effort to get the ball through the hoop, but when it happens it is so exciting to watch. Sometimes it takes the mini Lakers 3 seasons before they get a goal! No experience is necessary, and it is a wonderful way to get your child involved in a team sport.

There are set cut off dates:

Summer season: 31 December

Winter season: 30 June

E.g.  If you turn 11 before Dec 31, then you would have to go up to under 12’s for the Summer season.  If you turn 11 after December 31, then you can stay in U11’s for the Summer season

In domestic basketball, there are two seasons Summer – October to March (breaking over Dec/Jan school holidays) and Winter – April to September

We thought you’d never ask!
Contact any of our friendly committee members to find out how! We meet a few times each season on a Monday night at 7.30pm at Club Kilsyth. Please contact our President Dean on 0402 070 003 or any of the committee members for more details.

The Lakers uses “Facebook” to send out messages about the clubs activities, events and finals pictures and results.  All parents and players should like MLBC Lakers to be able to view the posts. As needed we send emails and SMS messages as well.

At the stadium: there is a $3 entry fee for all players and spectators over 12 years of age.

Before the game: your team manager will ask you for usually  $7 or $8 per game, this pays for your team sheet, which in turn pays for the referee’s and stadium expenses. This amount may vary depending on how many are in your team.  See Stadiums for more info.

The Team Manager will organise alternate tops (white background) from our coach’s coordinator.
Please don’t leave this until the last minute as you may miss out.
Alternately you can borrow them from the stadium at no charge if you are playing another Lakers team. The FIRST LISTED team on the fixture must change their tops.

Yes. Lakers always change as they came into the competition after Kilsyth Heat. If you can’t get them our coach’s coordinator, they can be hired from the stadium for around $10.00 per game. They are only loaned for free if you are playing another Lakers team.

Please see our Injury Insurance page.

See our Fixtures page. You will need to know your team number, grade and age level. If you are unsure, speak to your team manager.

It is half of the playable games for the season, so byes and forfeits are not included.
E.g.  15 rounds requires 8 games to qualify.  If there is any reason a player will not qualify for finals please speak to your coordinator. It is the parent/carer’s responsibility to ensure their child plays enough games to qualify.

For injured or ill players who wish to receive credit for games missed, to assist with qualifying for finals, there are two types of requirements:

  1. For those players that have already played a game in the current season and are registered in their team for that season, obtain a signed medical certificate, quoting the dates that they are unavailable to play and lodge a copy of this with the club and a copy with Kilsyth stadium, within fourteen (14) days of the days of the diagnosis.
  2. For those players that have not played a game in the current season, they need to have been registered in their team at the start of the season, obtain a signed medical certificate, quoting the time period that they expect to be unavailable to play and what the injury or illness is. The certificate must be lodged with the club and the club will then lodge a request with the Kilsyth Commission to have credit given for the games missed in that season.

Fill in an incident report at the stadium kiosk and ask for an insurance claim form. This insurance will cover some out of pocket expenses but is not a comprehensive policy.  You can also download a form from the Kilsyth Basketball website

The Team Manager or Coach can reach out to other Team Managers and Coaches. If you are unable to field enough players notify your coordinator ASAP as they may know of a few players who are happy to fill in for older teams. As a last resort the coordinator will notify the Club President of a walkover. It costs the club between $100.00 every time we give a walkover so the decision must be made by one of the clubs executive. Kilsyth Basketball Association will not accept a walkover from anyone other than the Club President. If a team needs to forfeit more than once in a season, the club will consider withdrawing the team.

The Coordinators put a lot of time into placing players in teams. They try to put teams together according to skill level/ability, physical attributes, number of players in a group as well as other factors to balance sides to be competitive across the different grades. Where possible we like to keep friends together but keep in mind, this may not always be possible. Team placement priority will always go to the players who have registered and paid their fees. If you aren’t happy with your child’s team placement, please contact your coordinator. We will try to facilitate your wishes but keep in mind, it may be a great chance for your child to make new friends.

Firstly discuss this with your Team Manager and Coach. The first 3 games of the season are grading and sometimes where a team is entered is not comparable to their skill level. Then round 4 is a crossover where teams may play teams currently in another grade. If as of round 5 you still feel that the team isn’t in the correct grade speak to your Coach and they can then email the game details to the Coordinator to monitor. The Coordinator will take the issue up with the association if they feel the team has been graded incorrectly.

Definitely, please call our Treasurer to arrange a payment plan.

Speak to the Team Manager and Coach, as sometimes the rules may change, and if they agree, ask the Team Manager to find a Supervisor to watch the game. If this does not improve the refereeing, then a complaint needs to come from the club, in writing. (Please remember, Kilsyth Basketball will not consider any complaint which has not come through the club.) Send to your coordinator the game details (date, time, stadium) and an explanation of what was wrong with the refereeing and if the coordinator feels it warrants further action, the President will lodge a complaint with the association. You do not need the referee’s name, just a description. The referee does not have to give you their name. Do not approach the referee, or argue with the referees. Remember the children learn from their elders, so set a good example.

Ask the other parents in your team to sit with you and show you what to do until you are confident in what you are doing. There is also a video tutorial on Kilsyth Basketball’s website. Every parent is expected to take their turn in scoring, except the coach’s family.

Being Team manager is easy. Basic Duties are…

  1. Get to the game about 15 minutes early to pay for the game
  2. Collect enough money from each player to cover the game. Depending on the team size, this can be anywhere from $6 to $8. You may give players option to pay a larger amount upfront ($50 or $100) if this is easier to manage.
    Any extra money collected can go to purchasing a present for the Coach from the team at the end of each season or for a team break-up! Please speak to your team and discuss.
  3. Before the game check the computer is correct (make sure players details are correct, top number and correct players ticked as playing)
  4. Set up a scoring roster (use the templates under the Team Manager section of our website)
  5. Liaise between the coordinator and the team
  6. Notify the players and Coach of any walkover or game time change
  7. Organize alternate tops if needed

The week before the season starts (normally the 2nd week of the school holidays) you will be contacted by your Coach or Team Manager & advised of your team number, training day & time.


All parents/carers of players in the team are expected to help out in some way, either coaching, team managing or on the committee.

Size 5 basketballs for Miniball and Under 8 competitions.

Size 6 basketballs are to be used for Under 9 to Under 14 inclusive Saturday games.

Size 7 basketballs for Under 15 to Under 21 inclusive Saturday games.

Size 6 basketball for all midweek/girl’s games regardless of age group excluding miniball.

Two (2) basketballs per team are allowed into the controlled stadiums. They must be in a bag and remain under the control of the Coach or Team Manager at all times.


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