Game Rules

1.  The team that is first named on the fixture must sweep the court at half time.

2.  Ball Sizes:
     Size 5 – All under 11’s
     Size 6 – GIRLS: under 12 +
     Size 6 – BOYS: under 12 to under 14
     Size 7 – BOYS: under 15 +

3.  U9 ‐ U14 Inclusive ‘No Zone’ rules apply (Boys & Girls). The penalty after one warning will be a Technical Foul on the bench of the offending team.

4.  All substitutions and time outs must be made through the score bench.

5.  The small line is used for foul shots up to and including U12.

6.  5 seconds in the key in offense up to and including U12, 3 seconds U13 and up.

7.  One time out per half per team allowed in all grades. Where adverse conditions exist the K&MDBA will advise at the time. The clock DOES NOT STOP for all whistles in the last one minute of the 1st half for all grades U9‐U21 inclusive.

8.  The clock stops for all whistles in the last three minutes of the last half for all grades U12 to U21 inclusive.

9.  Incorrect uniforms (after the first three games)will mean the opposing team will get 10 points added to their score at 1⁄2 time by the referees.

10.  A minimum of four players must be present for the team to start the game. Once the game has commenced the minimum number of players to continue is 2.

11.  Teams that are not ready at the start of the game will be penalised 1 point per minute. After 10 minutes the game will be forfeited.

12.  Teams who forfeit games will be required to pay the allocated fine.

13.  Please note that the location and timing of finals games will be determined by court availability, teams SHOULD NOT expect that their finals games will be at the same time as games held during the season.


The clock shall stop for: ALL TIME‐OUTS, ALL WHISTLES in the last THREE MINUTES of the LAST HALF.

EXTRA TIME in a Final the clock shall stop for ALL WHISTLES and TIME‐OUTS.


Teams must wait until the grade Secretary advises of finals cutoffs before assuming they are in a particular final Series, i.e. A-grade, or A-Res, B-grade or B-Res etc.

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