Injury Insurance

Basketball Victoria provides a level of insurance to all registered members of Affiliated Associations.

Basketball Victoria’s insurance provider is V-Insurance Group (Corporate Authorised Representative of Willis) and details regarding the level of coverage can be found via this link:  INSURANCE

What to do if someone is injured?

If a player is injured during the game, you should help them off the court and assist the parents as necessary. It is recommended that every team carry a first aid kit to games and training. This is not intended for you or the coach to administer first aid, but rather for the parents to have suitable first aid items to assist their own injured child or to allow the player to use themselves.

If a player requires to be taken to a doctor or hospital for treatment, have it noted at the office of the stadium you are at.

For injured players who wish to claim on insurance, they need to contact Kilsyth stadium on phone 03 9728 1033 to complete a claim form, as soon as possible after the injury (as there are time limits).

What to do if someone missed a game due to injury or illness?

For injured or ill players who wish to receive credit for games missed, to assist with qualifying for finals, there are two types of requirements:

  1. For those players that have already played a game in the current season and are registered in their team for that season, obtain a signed medical certificate, quoting the dates that they are unavailable to play and lodge a copy of this with the club and a copy with Kilsyth stadium, within fourteen (14) days of the date of the medical certificate. The certificate must be lodged no later than the day they return to playing.

  2. For those players that have not played a game in the current season,  they need to have been registered in their team at the start of the season, obtain a signed medical certificate, quoting the time period that they expect to be unavailable to play and what the injury or illness is. The certificate must be lodged with the club and the club will then lodge a request with the Kilsyth Commission to have credit given for the games missed in that season.

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