Miniball Info

What is Miniball?

There is a special program that has been devised for U7 year olds called Miniball, all the children in this program are aged from 5 years old.


The boys and girls use a size 5 ball as it is lighter for them to throw, bounce and shoot with. The rings are left at the standard height, it is an effort to get the ball through the hoop, but when it happens it is so exciting to watch.


Sometimes it takes the mini Lakers three seasons before they get a goal!  No experience is necessary, and it is a wonderful way to get your child involved in a team sport.


Basketball Sizes

What size basketball should my child practice and train with?

Size 5 basketballs for Miniball and Under 8 competitions.
Size 6 basketballs are to be used for Under 9 to Under 14 inclusive Saturday games.
Size 6 basketball for all midweek/girl’s games regardless of age group excluding miniball.
Size 7 basketballs for Under 15 to Under 21 inclusive Saturday games.

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