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Already played with MLBC Lakers in previous seasons?
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Register and pay your fees on PlayHQ:


Summer 2022/23

Don’t risk missing the season!
Please re-register and pay your fees before round 1

MLBC Lakers welcomes your interest!

All NEW players, please contact the Co-ordinator first!
  1. After you have spoken to the Co-ordinator,
  2. Submit the form below


Starting as a Miniball player?

  1. Miniball players will need to purchase a uniform
  2. You’ll get a free basketball and drink bottle
  3. Season Club Fee is waived for first season!



This form does not guarantee your spot in a team, but will be sent to the Co-Ordinator you have spoken with. You will be contacted again as soon as team lists have been created.

use this form if you are a past Lakers player.  If you experience problems, please email

Enquiring for multiple players? 
Please repeat the form for every NEW player.

Expression of Interest
New Players ONLY

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Fees & Payment

Summer 2022/23 – Junior Comp!
Playing 4th Oct 2022 – 5th Apr 2023

PAY FEES BY end of August 2022

New Players and Transfers?
BEFORE registering > Contact Lakers Teams Coordinator


Season Club Fees *

Under 7 to Under 21:

  • $55 – One Player
  • New Miniball Players: FREE

Basketball Vic Participant Licence (yearly)
  • $26- Junior (0-17 yrs)
  • $39 – Senior (18+ yrs)

Association Player Registration Fee
  • $10 – Kilsyth Basketball



You need to wear the club uniform at every game.

  1. After your team coordinator has confirmed your place 
  2. Contact our uniform officer for your player top number
  3. Order your uniform from our web shop


Team Match Fees **

Charged for each round in the season, this fee is split between all players.  Payment is done automatically via the TEAMPAY app.  Your Team Manger will organise this with you.



Stadium Entry is FREE!


* Season Club Fees are charged at the start of every season.  The fees cover the hire of the Doyle Centre at Mt. Lilydale Mercy College, training equipment, trophies on Finals Day, club events and general club expenses
** The Team Match Fee (or Team Sheet Fee) covers referee’s & stadium expenses.




Lakers no longer receives payment directly for registration fees.  This is managed by the PlayHQ system.  You cannot be officially registered in PlayHQ unless payment has been made.  The Club cannot register your player(s) on your behalf, or reset your password.

To check if you have registered (paid):

1.  Log in to
(Normally the Parent or Carer has created this account, and adds their children as players).

2.  Then check your player(s) registration status.  If you are not registered, or your child does not appear in your PlayHQ account as one of your “user’s”, then you will need to add them and pay.


Registration Example in PlayHQ

  • Top Right shows Parent “Jessica” is logged in.
  • The player “Cooper” has been selected in the “Change user” drop-down arrow, and his name appears in the heading.
  • The Player is “Registered 26 May 2020″.
  • This player is registered and therefore paid for the team listed on the right.  This allows the team manager &/or coach to assign your player to their team.

NOTE:  If you are not registered, or your child does NOT appear in your PlayHQ account as one of your “users”, then you will need to REGISTER THEM and pay.  The Lakers club cannot do this on your behalf.


Season has started! Good Luck Lakers!


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